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Carement Oy

Carement Oy is a nationwide Finnish enterprise established in 2006, providing procurement and expert services within infrastructure construction business.

Our procurement services include the all-inclusive implementation of construction projects, from planning to monitoring during the warranty period. Further, our concept covers the outsourcing of planning.


Our procurement and expert services include

• Maintenance of pavings and road markings

Planning of measures, contract and procurement documents, tender process, supervision, measures during the warranty period

• Road investment projects

Inspection of plans, contract and procurement documents, tender process, supervision, measures during the warranty period

• Maintenance

Quality control of maintenance contracts, measures due to authorities, annual inspection of bridges

 Building development

Supervision of planning, contract and procurement documents, tender process, quality assurance, client’s occupational health and safety responsibilities, supervision, measures during the warranty period as well as other tasks related to the building process, e.g. meeting arrangements

• Support service related to municipal engineering

Representing the client in tasks related to town planning, permits, construction of streets and roads, water supply and sewarage projects, document drafting for decision-making as well as information dissemination

• Water supply and sewarage

Various general and development plans, quality control, acting as the client’s representative


Acting as a supervisor in the restoration of contaminated soil and in closing landfills

• Lighting and electricity

Supervision of planning and installation in e.g. lighting projects and pump houses

Carement Oy offers prognoses for the expected life and maintenance costs as well as rehabilitation plans for paved road and street systems, taking into account future requirements and traffic volume data.

• Analysis of present condition of street system

Distress identification, GPR analysis of surface depth, video/still images, measurements on the paving roughness as well as drainage analyses, which are used to produce theme maps describing the overall condition of the streets

• Overdue rehabilitation / Financial management

Identifying any overdue rehabilitation measures, prognoses on the development of road condition and determination of measures on the basis of the analysis of basic data and supplementary measurements (e.g. GPR and load carrying ability)

• Street network programmes

Drawing up paving or rehabilitation programmes in the order of emergency

• Registers: maintenance and updating

Measured street and condition data, data management, storage and analysis

• Location data, maps, publications

Data on the condition of the street network as well as its programmes are delivered to the client as theme maps. The maps are drawn with ArcGis but converted to the format desired by the client.

• Inventory of road and street infrastructure


Further, various measurements with GPR and consequent structural improvement plans serve the road and street network, water supply and sewarage, mining and energy industries.

Constant development of our operations guarantee our know-how and competence for exacting infrastructure requirements. We base our operation on the foundation of a certified quality system, providing the client a high-quality and functional overall package.

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